The Ugly Side of SEO Part Deux

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<a href="">That brilliant piece by David Segal</a> at the NYTimes has stirred quite a reaction within SEO blogs.

The leading post seems to be a <a href="">blog article by Danny Sullivan</a>, who was cited in the Times piece. It's worth a read.

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The Ugly Side of SEO

It’s kind of an SEO practitioner’s nightmare story. Somebody manages to exploit Google in such a way as to discredit the integrity of search engine optimisation as a service agencies provide their clients. The exploitation in this case is from a website called DecorMyEyes and you can read the full story here: “A Bully Finds a Pulpit on the Web”. I recommend you read the entire thing.

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Twitter is the new RSS

Personally, I am not as active in the Twitter sphere. As an organisation @langoor has a bit of a presence, but at @ruchir_p, I am fairly quiet.

So why am I there in the first place? Initially, like a lot of other people, I joined Twitter to see what the rush was about. But I ended up staying for a completely different reason to what I think it was made for.

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How to increase traffic to your website by using some simple marketing strategies

Having a professional and clear website is one thing but making people aware of your website is the most important and probably the most difficult part as well. If you just started a business or if you were just too busy to set up an online marketing strategy, this might help you increasing traffic to your website with not a lot of effort.

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