Interesting Brand Case Studies That Every Marketer Should Know

May 13, 2023

With the coming of several platforms for advertising, it is difficult to keep track of every marketing campaign that is being done by brands. This is where case studies come in handy. Case studies have been praised as an incredibly powerful tool for content marketing, especially for guiding readers through the middle of the funnel (MOFu) and bottom of the funnel (BOFu).

  1. What is a Case Study? Why is it important?

A case study is an in-depth account of a project your business has completed. It starts with a discussion of a challenge, then recounts what happened next, and ends with an explanation of how the business resolved or improved the situation. A strong case study highlights client experiences that showcase the following:

  • The issues that a company had before implementing a product
  • How the product was supposed to address the issues
  • The before and after of using a product
  • Impact of the product on KPIs like click-through rate, internet traffic, or sales that may be measured as being favourable

A case study contributes to bringing understanding to a challenging problem. Through prior research, it can deepen an experience or strengthen existing knowledge. Their contextual analysis focuses on the relationships between a small set of circumstances or events.Case studies have been employed in numerous areas for a long time by scholars. They have been a popular qualitative research technique in the social sciences for examining current real-world problems and have served as a foundation for the application of concepts and the development of new methodologies.Case studies are an effective approach to demonstrate the effectiveness of your goods or services, demonstrate your level of experience, and gain the trust of potential clients. Case studies can be helpful for SaaS firms to attract new clients, even though they might not be appropriate for every type of business.

  1. Interesting Brand Case Studies That Every Marketer Should Know
  • Swiggy - Swiggy Starhunt is a program that the company had started to thank its delivery partners for their work. The campaign allowed its delivery partners to take a break from their regular jobs and use Tiktok to show off their talents (although it is currently restricted in India, there are several alternatives on the market).

To entice buyers, Swiggy released four teaser trailers, which received impressive views.The Star Hunt Challenge had categories for acting, singing, dancing, and playing an instrument. Exciting rewards and vacation packages were promised to the winners.Swiggy promoted the challenge to audiences throughout India using 11 regional languages. Additionally, to broaden the challenge's reach, they worked with Tiktok influencers.THE RESULT:

  • With the help of TikTok influencers, Swiggy managed to have an organic reach of 57 lakhs.
  • More than 350 delivery partners took part in this challenge.
  • More than 1,500 videos were uploaded on TikTok and shared worldwide.
  • 44M+ views were garnered on Tik Tok with #SwiggyStarHunt.
  • Airbnb - Airbnb created a neighbourhood guide for tourists as part of the content production plan to assist them in choosing where to stay, what activities to take part in, and what their neighbourhood has to offer. They published the neighbourhood guide on their website and mobile application, which is still occasionally updated by their registered hosts. The book offers suggestions for dining, lodging, and nearby attractions. A comprehensive manual for all kinds of travellers!


  • 10,000+ estimated monthly organic traffic.
  • 100+ referring domains.
  • Mercedes Benz - Mercedes-Benz sought to connect with the younger demographic. Their focus was on promoting brand engagement through user-generated content.

In order to participate in the "Snap the Wheel" challenge, Mercedes Benz teamed up with five Instagram photographers and invited them to take pictures of the brand-new Mercedes CLA. Whoever received the most likes on the post kept the car, which was the nicest aspect of the promotion. As a result of their collective hard work and the campaign's widespread success, Mercedes produced some breathtaking graphic assets for their social media accounts.THE RESULT:

  • 87 million organic Instagram impressions
  • 2 million Instagram likes
  • 150 new marketing assets (product images)
  • Lenovo - Tech Revolution is a digital content portal launched by Lenovo. It emphasised educating people in the Asia Pacific region about cutting-edge technology, fashion, and applications. They created an online platform at where they offered narratives and educational content to enlighten their target consumers about the available items. Additionally, Lenovo worked with IT experts to provide educational manuals on the ongoing development of technology. Lenovo tried assisting their customers in making smart buying decisions with the help of educational content and increasing the credibility of their brand.


  • 500+ articles with 34 million impressions.
  • 60k+ social engagements.
  • 250k+ link clicks.
  • 100k+ new visitors.
  • Tommy Hilfiger - As one of the top designer brands in the world, Tommy Hilfiger connects customers through a variety of marketing and advertising initiatives. The company's 360-degree marketing strategies place a strong emphasis on digital marketing and cutting-edge experiences. Through several brand collaborations and celebrity collaborations in 2018, Tommy Hilfiger honoured the designer's passion for pop culture, fashion, and music. This led to a high amount of sales, as well as new customer engagement and millennial consumer appeal. $180 million was spent on marketing-related activities worldwide in 2017 for marketing and communication projects.


  • 360-degree transparency for the customers.
  • Collaborations with stars like Gigi Hadid.
  • Access to huge fan bases through celebrities.
  • MIVI - MIVI launched a story game on Instagram, making excellent use of the medium. The goal of the game was to deliver the brand-new MIVI Duopods to the safe house in order to complete a task. Players had to touch on the appropriate options to take them to the safe house in the Instagram story-based game. Users entered their details after finishing the quest to receive amazing offers and a chance to win a MIVI Duopods M80. MIVI contacted a number of social media influencers, including Mumbaikar Nikhil, Carry Minati, Bhuvan Bam, and MostlySane. On their social media accounts, they promoted the game and urged users to complete the mission.


  • In just 24 hours, more than 3 lakh players played the game.
  • Received a huge number of social media shares.
  • Customers started interacting with the brand on a more personal level.
  • Palmolive - During one of its Christmas ads, Colgate employed an interactive content strategy to increase sales of its Palmolive gift sets. To engage with its customers, Colgate introduced bubble-popping gamified material combined with augmented reality. Users had to show proof of purchase in order to play, and a landing page then directed them to the game. The player must pop the bubble with their nose in the bath-like environment as part of the game.


  • Drew more than 1 million participants in just two weeks via Facebook.
  • More than 10,000 people visited the retailer's website to do some online shopping.
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To grow a business, it is very important to understand what your predecessors have done and what your customers expect based on that. Therefore, it's essential to take advice from those who have been there before you. It would be expensive and time-consuming to try to master every principle in marketing from scratch through trial and error.With a real-world perspective, the research can suggest workable solutions to problems. Case studies are crucial, and the difficulties they present can be overcome with careful planning, background research, and participant selection. Use the case study method if it works for you.Langoor is committed to assisting growing businesses by developing advertising tactics that educate and engage consumers. Join us and receive expert content marketing services as well as a website created to your target audience's preferences.