AlterNet - Altering your view of the Internet

May 13, 2023

Around November last year, we started working with an aged care services and products company. Geared specifically towards the elderly, they wanted us to build a product that focuses on an incredibly simple user experience and helps users keep in touch with their loved ones. We needed to build Hardware and Software and connect this to the Internet.We took this as a challenge and decided to bring the right skills on board (including hardware) to deliver. This also sparked a conversation within Langoor - can we explore the Internet of Things more as a business opportunity. As a result, we started talking with existing and new customers about RFID based tracking, interactive wall-sized screens, smart grid projects amongst others. As of today we have now executed or are executing a fair few projects that require a blend of hardware, software and the Internet.Executing projects in this space has also meant that in a couple of months we have brought on board the right skills. But in the process we've discovered that these skills are unique and the feedback we have received is that there is a really exciting opportunity to zone in our focus on this area.As a result, we are delighted to announce - the world's first Internet of Things agency. We want to alter your perception of the Internet. We want to do this by building the future with you.As the first and only agency at the moment, we are looking to help organisations research, consult, automate, innovate, design, build and take products to market. Are you interested in finding out more? Reach out to us today here.