Delivering a Website in 4 Days Flat

May 13, 2023

It’s often perceived that the web design and development process is drawn out and arduous. This can often be the case with some web services agencies taking months to deliver the final product. But where does it all go wrong? Is it a miscommunication between the client and the agency, or perhaps a misunderstanding of the deliverables? Often it’s a combination of these issues mixed with a variety of other complications which can sometimes lead to the project missing important deadlines.Iain Dooley from Decal CMS presented Langoor with an approach to this seemingly inherent issue. Iain presented a method of developing websites that turns the traditional web development process flow on its head. He explained that instead of the traditional method of producing the final website design first for the client’s approval you would alternatively ask the client to upload their content to the CMS first. The client is asked to choose a basic layout for their website and selects where they would like critical elements such as the banner, sidebar, content area and footer to appear. They then proceed to adding their pages and content, whilst still working within this minimalistic wireframe environment.This effectively allows the designer to create mock-up designs that will better suit the content. This is especially helpful for clients as they’re able to have a better understanding of what the final product will look like as they’ll be seeing the content they’ve uploaded rather than the industry standard “Lorem Ipsum” placeholder text. Iain went on to explain that once the client has approved the design the website is coded using static HTML. This provides the client with a more interactive means of testing the look and feel of the website. Once the client is happy with the static version, the developer starts adding Decal CMS specific attributes to the HTML tags. This allows backend software D B provides a range of commercial annual credit reports which can be purchased on a subscription or casual user basis, allowing you to access the information you need when you need it. to automatically transform the static HTML into a fully functional Decal CMS theme. At this stage the website is ready for the client to take over and continue adding their content. This approach allows you to rapidly develop websites as it severely cuts down on the numbers of design and development revisions that the traditional method usually encounters. One factor that plays a major role in deciding whether to take this new approach is the complexity of the website you’re trying to create.This approach heavily favours creating brochureware websites, i.e. websites that contain information about a product or service but lack complex website functionality.Whether or the not this method of developing websites will be adopted by the masses will depend on whether the industry is open to such a big change. The idea is certainly interesting but will require some traction and further development before it becomes mainstream.