Why Marketing Automation Is The Backbone Of Personalised Digital Marketing

May 13, 2023

It is, first and foremost, a revenue driver that helps build a strong customer base of champion advocates who can deliver outsized and industry-best customer LTVs for the business.Most enterprises believe that marketing automation is an auto-pilot function that ensures that the business of outreach runs itself. Especially – once the activity type parameters of the smart campaigns have been identified, workflows have been clearly defined, conversion goals are set, and the path to route leads according to different assignment characteristics has been laid out.But as the Marketing ambition of a company grows along with the addition of new products and services, expansion into new regions and categories, a saturation of the content, and targeting of new business verticals, it is important to merge automated processes with personal interaction to make your marketing communication campaigns and programs not just more effective, but also the most impactful efforts in your digital marketing mix.


To seamlessly and successfully inject personalisation within the marketing automation framework and process, it is important to understand that marketing automation is not just another tool or platform in your Martech stack. It is, first and foremost, a revenue driver that helps build a strong customer base of champion advocates who can deliver outsized and industry-best customer LTVs for the business.A well-implemented and personalised Marketing Automation program is not just limited to personalizing an email as it helps build a unified set of procedures, profile the prospects better, understand the user content consumption pattern, and engineer higher engagement and conversion ratios, and delight customers across the entire buying lifecycle.

With AI / ML increasingly playing a critical role in enhancing campaign and program efficacy, today’s Marketing Automation tools offer a high level of integration and targeting capabilities – which help in intelligent engagement, intelligent targeting, intelligent follow-up, intelligent profiling, and intelligent cross channel communication.

At our agency, we created a hyper-personalised marketing automation campaign for one of the leading data centre and infrastructure solutions providers in the world. By deep profiling their prospects and using technographic, intent and listening data (mapped from their digital behavior), we were able to identify the most active audience cohort of C-suite executives & IT Decision Makers. We then developed key communication planks rooted in contextual relevance that informed the demand generation and nurture campaigns targeted at this cohort.


We are also witnessing a rise of marketing data lakes built on cloud platforms that inform marketing automation programs. When these data lakes and platforms are integrated with AI and used as a single source of truth, marketing automation can help reveal high-impact behavioural insights about the customer journey.

AI-powered intelligence can also help with many of the manual and rule-based use cases of marketing automation that increase marketing performance. And scale the campaigns and journeys that enterprises create by identifying customer preferences in real-time.Data drives both AI and automation, and much of an enterprise’s automation strategies can be based on the data captured from popular AI models. The real challenge in marketing, therefore, is the ability to turn this deluge of data into actionable insights.

Modern-day enterprises that deal with large and complex data sets can benefit from adding AI to their marketing automation practice, to optimise the full spectrum of enterprise experiences. And identify and prioritise areas where this combined technology can have the biggest impact and help orchestrate engagement.If marketing custodians have to reap the maximum benefits of marketing automation, they should move away from the elementary use cases of email marketing to 360 degree integration and make it more personalised at every touchpoint of marketing communication and strategy.

By employing marketing automation tactics that reside at the intersection of technology, creativity, data and insights, we can empower marketing’s ability to translate data into decisions, and create enterprise experiences that have an outsized impact on business outcomes.We have witnessed up to a 48% increase in engagement by adopting personalisation and contextual targeting to inform Marketing Automation programs for B2B companies. That number is close to 65% for B2C / eCommerce companies. By personalising the content strategy and putting data to work contextually, Marketing Automation can lead to better customer experiences, increased loyalty, greater customer value and industry-best ROMS (Return on Marketing Spends).

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