- An Introduction

May 13, 2023

The concept of website builder is nothing new. It has been floating around for years. I have myself been thinking about it for a long time now (2-3 years now, ever since I built my first website). Simply put, is exactly what I have been thinking about- a ready-made website builder with built in themes and features store.It inevitably means that it is as simple as it can be. I have been using it for quite a while (done some not-so-important work with features and back end codes also). With simplicity comes elegance and efficiency. Though elegance is still on its way in the current version of, as a programmer and user (Mind it, I have been building website on this as well) I can see that in near iterations.The design is clear/clean and scalable (I am not talking about the User Interaction part). Naturalisation on the UI is something that we have been constantly working on. Overall for me is like a beautiful platform which does what it is supposed to. Implementation obviously is limited by imagination. It is as extensive as you can imagine.We can build our website in a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWIG) editor. We can use available themes and manipulate them according to our requirement. Well for the more complicated tools in a website, we are provided with simple to use drag-drop-install widgets. Most importantly, the power will be in your hands. You can customise almost everything and create your own widgets if you need to do so.For more of the simpler requirements (about 70-80 percent of the users) it provides out of the box website building functionality. Extensive websites can be developed over the existing architecture using, and the process is going to be simpler soon! Basically, what we are building is not only a designer’s dream, but also a developer’s friend in a one stop shop.The best part about this platform is that it is self-learning, and no, I am not talking Artificial Intelligence yet. Whenever we add a functionality or make any improvement, it is automatically reusable. Further requirements/feedbacks add to the fun. Widgets and features are getting better each day, and they automatically become available to users for updates.So now website building is more about fun than just learning. And what we have is a designer’s dream, a developer’s friend and every web-lover’s toy!