Langoor's Core Values

May 13, 2023

Over the last two months, as a family Langoor has explored the idea of core values and what it means to be at Langoor. Our Langoors came together and had a say in defining the characteristics that are core to our business.I wanted to set an example and be the first to sign up to these core values. I promise to abide by these core values every day at Langoor. I understand that upholding these values is critical to Langoor’s and my success.Our core values are:

  1. Be Creative and Innovative
  2. Build a positive family spirit and win together
  3. Deliver above and beyond what is asked for and always strive for excellence
  4. Be fun and a little crazy
  5. Focus on the growth of your customer, Langoor’s and your own
  6. Build transparent and honest relationships
  7. Take pride in making your customers exceptionally happy
  8. Be humble

I will also use these values as a framework to make all my decisions and to work within the Langoor family. I will expect my fellow Langoors to do the same.Ruchir Punjabi

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