5 Reasons For Not Using langoor.mobi to Mobilize Website

May 13, 2023

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The usage of mobile phones to access the internet is increasing day by day. A research conducted by Google shows that there is a global surge in smartphone usage. 69% of the mobile phone users in the US are accessing internet from their smart phones whereas the same shoots up to 88% in Japan.

In this era of smartphones, one has to ensure that their website is either optimized for mobiles or they should have a mobile website. Keeping this in mind, we made a product which helps you convert your website into a mobile website, automatically. langoor.mobi is an innovative product which helps you convert your website into a semantic, HTML5 based mobile website. Here are five reasons why you should not use langoor.mobi to make your website go mobile.

1. If you don't want your website to use the latest HTML5 technologies


No matter how old your website is, or what technology it is using, langoor.mobi helps it evolve and be 2013 ready. Almost all mobile browsers are HTML5 compatible nowadays and converting your website into an HTML5 website has many added benefits to it. Your website is going to be semantically perfect and SEO friendly. Most importantly, it will be a mobile application ready website so you can easily convert your websites into native mobile applications too.

2. If you want a slow website


langoor.mobi uses the latest CSS3 technology to give a modern feel to your newly converted mobile websites. We eliminate the usage of images for adding layout related effects like gradients, shadows etc. Using CSS3 for these gives us a big edge. It makes the mobile website really fast and pleasant to the eyes as well.

3. You don't need a mobile application like website


langoor.mobi ensures that your website is jQuery mobile ready. This enables us to give a native mobile application like user experience to your cross platform mobile website.

4. Don't want your website cross platform ready


Going cross platform is a big thing here at Langoor. We believe that that a person should not be restricted to information via only one medium. Hence, we go a step ahead and make your mobile website tablet support ready and television support ready! We use the latest responsive technologies to ensure that your website can be customized easily for tablet and television devices.

5. You don't want widgets on your website


We provide special widgets for your website like touch enabled responsive sliders, "click to call" buttons, social widgets etc. These mobile widgets make your mobile website very user friendly. We know that conveying vital information via the mobile interface is very important. A lot of research went into creating these widgets so that your mobile website can serve it’s purpose optimally and look beautiful too.

Creating that perfect mobile website takes a lot of effort and a lot of user experience research goes into it. langoor.mobi does all these stuff for you and takes you step by step to make your website live. Not to mention the awesome support that comes with each mobile website. We have an industry renowned web development team which makes sure that you never have any problems with your mobile website.

You should use langoor.mobi only if you want a quality standard, technologically advanced, search engine optimized, future proof mobile website.