What is it like to work at Langoor?

May 13, 2023

Lately, a lot of my friends have been asking me about the startup scene in Bangalore, and my experience with the same. This is my two cents on the matter.Before all of this, I was working for a large German MNC, for almost 4 years. Well-defined processes, consistent work, all these were our daily regiment. However, over time, I've felt a lack of visibility for my effort, and a consistent inability to showcase newer achievements. This was also affecting my growth as a developer, as I wasn't bringing anything new to the table. It was at this stage that I decided to leave my comfort zone, and try to enter the startup arena in India.It has been almost 9 months since I have been an integral part of the product development team here at langoor.mobi. Much of my success is largely attributed to being part of an amazing team. We consist of 2 Backend developers (Python), 2 Frontend specialists (JS/CSS/HTML5) and a Product Lead who also doubles as a Backend developer, should the need arise.Looking back, this startup offered me 3 important opportunities:

Personal Growth

No developer worth his salt, will ever compromise on this critical factor, in any firm. This comes to you through the kind of work you do, the challenges that you face and more importantly, the freedom to go outside the box, in thought and in your work.

Great Team

There is no such thing as an average/generic programmer, in a startup. Individually, each developer is exceptional in atleast on facet of their professional career. This is what they bring to the table. However, when you begin to work as a team, its no longer about just individual contributions, but about combined results. A good team is always better than just the sum of the individual parts. Be it work, or play. This is what Langoor offered me.

Increased Visibility

The beauty of being in a startup is that it is small; which makes everything you do quite agile. There are no failures here, only learnings that make you continually better. And most importantly, every bit of work you do is very visible and promotes the company that much more. You are no longer a small cog in a giant, indifferent machine; you are a very significant part of the company. Your actions, your decisions, your work, all of these directly affects the company, measurably. In essence, the company's success depends on you. This responsibility may sound intimidating, but try to see it this way; you are no longer a child, being handheld into doing work, instead you are the one hand-holding the company, guiding its future. This shows how important you are to this place.If you wish to know more about Langoor, take a look at the following videos by my fellow Langoors!

A Talk With Ruchir Punjabi - Founder And MD, Langoor


Work and Life at Langoor

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