The Missing Piece

May 13, 2023

Langoor, as a digital agency, has been around for a little more than four years now. In that time we have strategised and executed, grown and learnt.But there has been one important lesson we learned about the digital agency industry. The value of a brand and strategy is largely under appreciated in our world. The desire has always been there, but the ultimate focus is on executing briefs. Agencies like ours tend to be full of technologists and as a result we found ourselves consistently executing. We were fortunate to create strategies too - but most of these strategies were limited to the online perspective rather than the complete view of an organisation"s needs.As a result, earlier this year Langoor took a view to start working more closely with some great offline partners. We have traditionally supported PR, creative, media buying and marketing agencies. However, now we wanted to go to market with our partners and pitch together. One such partner was "The Brood".The Brood, a Marketing and Creative Agency, understood the importance of an idea more than a medium. Their philosophy in using creative as a means to help clients achieve their objectives aligned our views on digital. Together we started pitching as a team of creative technologists that focused on the power of understanding a client and their problems. Using this understanding we started creating solutions that actually enable organisations reach their full potential.The more time we spent together, the more we liked each other. That grew to a point where we asked the question - why don"t we make this more permanent?Today, I am happy to announce that the Brood and Langoor have merged to create a new Langoor. We decided to retain the name Langoor - we continue to believe in being a bit crazy to do amazing things.The new Langoor will also be one of the world"s first pure play creative technologists. Creative technologists are redefining the world of conventional advertising and marketing. Given today’s needs for agencies to understand clients across various platforms, Langoor is now in a unique position to truly service them in an extensive way.This alignment is a perfect synergy of our core beliefs, values and creative thought processes. The unconventional approach of Langoor in the digital world and the keen consumer insight and creative capabilities brought in by The Brood will make this a winning blend. This will enhance our professional abilities. We complement each other’s talents and strengthen the already existing core. More importantly, our new leadership team is stronger and better equipped to handle the challenges our customers face.We look forward to continuing our work on the cutting edge of technology. But now I feel that we have found the missing piece. We have found the right mix of people that can go the root of a problem in an organisation and help them position themselves properly in the outside world.The medium is not an end - an organisation, a customer, a person"s happiness is. We look forward to bringing more happiness to you over the coming years.