May 13, 2023

Technology is magnificent, magical, terrifying, brilliant, omnipresent, and an endless miracle that has changed all our lives. Over the years, it has revolutionised all aspects of our life. And this revolution happens in ruthlessly short timespans.


Technology has made everything instantaneous. Thanks to the explosion of blogs, everyone is suddenly a creative writer. Even if all they’re designing is a visiting card using a web-based tutorial, they call themselves a designer. With Instagram and the wonderful filters it offers, everyone is now a professional photographer. “Technology has made being creative easier”. It has ripped apart and rebuilt creativity, making it an ‘easy-to-achieve’ concept. So much so that it has even simplified creativity. So let’s say it slowly this time: “Technology has made creativity easy”!In a way, this spells bad news for the purely creative souls (the ones who have no boundaries) such as musicians, artists, sculptors, and freethinkers. But for most people, it comes as a online casino boon. This simplified avatar of creativity can help us build a new business model that can stand tall in a crowded and greasy world of communication.I thus ask – is technology in marketing gaining as much importance as marketing in technology?Technology is becoming the soul of marketing and has moved away from just being an enabler. Particularly, information technology in marketing helps us understand who our customers are, what they want, what they believe in, their behaviors, and their likes and dislikes. So it’s safe to say that marketing and technology go hand in hand.Knowing your customers is just a part of it. Knowing how to reach them in real-time is the next big hurdle technology solves.Once you know your customer and know how to reach your customer, it boils down to the kind of content that your customers want to consume and how intelligently you can leverage technology to orchestrate this content in real-time.The cycle is complete when data is understood and analysed using the right technology, and insights are drawn, so that the lessons are learnt at the right speed and the marketing pivot is in real-time.Technology enables all this and more. With the help of technology, marketing teams can work as one force and perform the above activities effectively.