Langoor Gym 02 - Web Frameworks Workshop

May 13, 2023

Langoor Gym

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is an initiative by us to give something back to the web development community. So we plan on conducting web development workshops where we teach how to build websites and use latest web technologies available out there. We call it the gym because this is where we flex our web development muscles :)This particular gym session will be about Web Frameworks and will deal with the topics listed below. The event will be a hands-on workshop tutored by some of our best web app developers.


1. Session on Frameworks [ 30 mins ]2. Hands-on Workshop [ 90 mins ]- Basic application usingFrontend: AngularJSBackend: Django Framework

Topics covered:

- Frontend: MVC design, templating, routing- Backend: REST APIs, basic auth / admin, MVT design

Instructor Langoors:

Rakesh Menon:Web hacker, currently fascinated with JavaScript and Ruby on Rails. Helping push the limits as the UI Lead.Jeryn Mathew:An avid Pythonista and technologist, passionate about future web technologies. Loves challenges and discovering simple elegant solutions to them.Sumeet Chawla:Hardcore programmer, Design junkie, Technology Enthusiast Workaholic, Fun guy, Loves his family.Lalit Chandnani:Loves exploring new web technologies and trends. A true pythonista. Worked on initial design and algorithmic level complexities of

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You can attend the gym session as either a pure frontend / pure backend / full stack developer. In either case, following are the pre-requisites.Frontend:- Working knowledge of JavaScript/ HTML / CSS- [Optional] Basic knowledge AngularJS framework- Python: Django: What is REST API: Setup for workshop:==========================Python 2.7:---------- package:-----------Ubuntu -> apt-get install python-pip.Windows -> and install virtualenvAll other packages will be bundled and shared with the attendees.