AI driven ABM in B2B Marketing

June 19, 2024

The use of AI is expanding across sectors in this tech-charged world. Specifically, AI's role in marketing is transformative, with AI-driven ABM (Account-Based Marketing) and getting upgraded in creating marketing content for the specific accounts.

This AI- driven ABM is a revolutionary way to analyze the target audience and expand digital marketing, creating a positive impact for ABM marketers to achieve their goals. Digital marketing takes chances in advanced technology to 10x the growth of your brand.

Let us understand AI and ABM.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is the most effective tool in B2B marketing because it uses simplified algorithms and machine-learning approaches with specific and personalized content. Each generated piece of content is unique, engaging, and trending, which increases marketing standards.  

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Valuable accounts in the market or business create a personalized buying experience for the buyers and build a relationship that benefits the overall business growth. Gen AI helps marketers to generate customized content for each brand.  

Integrating AI in B2B marketing is an efficient way of using advanced technology wisely. AI reshapes and engages with the audience to attract benefits to the desk. Below are some of the distinctive benefits of using AI in ABM. Account-based marketing differs from traditional marketing, which focuses on personalization campaigns to specific rather than targeting large masses. ABM is effective compared to the old way of traditional marketing, as you can see in the impressive results of using ABM.

Check the sales funnel as a quick bite.

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Benefits of including AI:

  • AI adds more to basics by embarking on communications, unique content generation, and specifying campaigns.  
  • AI-driven ABM in B2B marketing generates authentic, automated content creation for each month from various resources over social media, website, customer reviews and brand-related content.  
  • Generative AI-based marketing enables access to advanced tools to create unique, personalized, informative content that grab the audience's attention, and targeted campaigns that are more simplified than traditional marketing.  
  • Automation capability is one of the biggest advantages of Gen AI. ABM strategies carry precision where AI predicts customer behavior, identifies buyers, and turns the viewers into customers. It helps marketers automate lead generation and content creation by clearing up some brainstorming time.
  • AI in B2B marketing impacts data generation, email marketing, and social media management of the specific account. As these processes are automated and stocked up at the time of posting, marketers focus on going forward in communicating with the audience to increase the ROI.  
  • AI's adaptive behavior to optimize the outcome based on user interactions helps marketers seize real-time engagement of the customers. It also refines targeted people accordingly and ensures delivery of the targeted message.
  • With real-time support in line with the brand's messaging, AI chatbots and virtual assistants improve individualized customer engagement  
  • After a certain period of gathering data and information with the help of various tools, it predicts campaign outcomes based on historical data and machine learning algorithms. It gets the ability to predict consumer behavior, identify leads, and maximize the impact of marketing campaigns.
  • Addressing customers with an individualized touch is essential to attract their attention. It could get hectic when we try to personalize each content manually, but with AI, it becomes simple. AI can comb through large datasets to spot patterns and trends humans might overlook. The data-driven approach enables personalized content and generates campaigns precisely.  
  • AI makes targeted goals clear because it increases consumer engagement and conversion, both important for achieving the benchmark goals.
  • The overseeing of AI's output by human expertise is mandatory as AI is just a co-pilot of the brainstorming and not the only source. AI generates unique creative content, as we know. Still, it is essential to double-check and include a human touch.  

Your business might turn impressive if you take advantage of these benefits, but first, you need to know how AI-as-a-Service works.

Interrupting Generative AI driven ABM in B2B Marketing:

  • Choose the account you want to implement AI to their ABM campaign and gather the differentiative data on the brand and their client's preferences, nature, and other factors.  
  • Once the AI tool carries all the information and data for quality marketing, it generates specific, personalized content. It includes content for social media, email marketing, landing pages and many other marketing content.
  • One of the key advantages is that AI helps you generate diverse types of content which work better for each account. You tend to get diverse content favors based on the brand's identity and audience’s taste.
  • For hassle-free integration of the AI tools with your ABM in B2B Marketing, it is advisable to use other marketing automation platforms or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems already in use.  
  • With analytics tools, you can regularly track and measure performance like engagement rates, conversion, and ROI for further rebuilding the new strategy.

Issues in Integrating AI and ABM strategy in B2B Marketing:

  • One of the key challenges is the accuracy and quality of the content created. AI produces irrelevant or incorrect information as they become more advanced.  
  • AI needs to be trained regularly by monitoring and evaluating the generated content to eliminate inconsistencies or errors beforehand.
  • Using AI, ABM marketers should keep an eye on sticking with brand consistency and standards aligning with the brand identity and voice. Even after giving proper information to AI about brand guidelines, tone, voice, and other aspects, it is advisable to review the AI's output before proceeding further.  
  • Privacy is another big concern for all of us. While using AI in any B2B marketing, it is always preferable to take adequate security measures and ensure data protection by encrypting the protocols. It assists you in safeguarding the brand's data from any future vulnerabilities.  

Solutions for these issues:

  • Regular refinement of the data might help your brand account. You can sustain the same brand standard by equipping the AI tool with the data derived from customer feedback and analytics.
  • Setting the AI with clear instructions about brand guidelines and voice. It helps the AI generate precise content with consistency.  
  • Data privacy to implement the security protocols for privacy-inbuilt ABM campaigns.

Future of Generative AI and ABM strategy in marketing:

The future of AI in ABM relies on better understanding of the usage and integrating various AI tools.

The advancement of AI aids marketers in understanding the buyers and customers, bridging the gap in more personalized ways, and optimizing their ABM campaigns for better results.  

AI is the companion during the brainstorming session and not the whole source. Even after creating a great platform by including the brand voice and guidelines, we can edit the content based on ABM marketers and client’s need.  

Based on the personalization and focus levels, there are three types of ABM strategies.

Types of ABM:

  • One to Many: Traditional marketing impacts a large group of people with less investment and minimal personalization.  
  • One to Few: Targeting smaller groups of people sharing similar specific interests and similarities.  
  • One to One: The highest level of personalization and customization for the individual account.  

The company has the liberty to choose the ABM type, which depends on the company's resources, audience, and interests. Although we know the highest level of personalization needs extensive resources and leads to high ROI.  

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Most digital marketing agencies are adapting to AI-driven content and work culture. For instance, Okta's digital team saw impressive results after using AI:

  • Opportunities after using ABM campaigns increased by 24x
  • Time to close the deal is reduced to 63%  
  • Revenue has increased to 22%  

To achieve more than this analysis, Langoor Marketing Transformation helps your company grow and reach a better version using AI. With a team of experts well-versed in the nuances of AI, machine learning and other advanced technologies, we help execute AI for ABM in B2B marketing. If you want to try and seek advancement in your ROI, then connecting with our agency is a forward call for your business growth.

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