15 Digital Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales

May 13, 2023

Whether you own a small or influential business, going digital opens new avenues of growth. It’s the future where the 3 Vs – Vernacular, Voice & Video – have changed the way content used to be read, heard & seen. From static, it’s gone vibrant. So, if you haven’t already, make a resolution to tap the creative potential of the easily available online tools (some even free). Learn in the article below how adopting just a few clever Digital Marketing trends can multiply your business revenue by leaps and bounds!

The impact of Digital Marketing on businesses around the world

In recent times, we have seen Digital Marketing surging in popularity among all sorts of businesses, be they national, regional or local – and for reasons we can’t ignore. After all, when was the world so driven by the Internet? Your target audience so consumed by mobile? Your business so affected by the virus? Needless to say, we have entered an era where the exciting comes packed with the strange and vice-versa. And so, we are left to make the best of both.

The advertising and marketing agencies are employing separate SEO/SEM, strategy, social, and creative teams, each brainstorming for ideas and insights to shape a communication so powerful it can take the audiences by storm, paving the way for the transformation of a business into a pioneering, personalized, and progressive entity. This doesn’t happen overnight but takes relentless efforts in that direction. The possibilities are endless when it comes to taking the online world over with ingenious solutions. Here, we will discuss only a few proven ideas that you must immediately incorporate into your digital marketing strategy in order to help your business increase its sales.

15 Creative Ideas to Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing

  1. Start with Social Networking

Take baby steps. Start with the basics. Create social media business pages/ profiles and groups to help elevate the brand personality and enable a brand community on the Internet. Think of ways you can reflect the same through language and design elements that are unique to your brand’s experience.

Choose the content buckets wisely and generate both engaging and enjoyable content for your official social media handles, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn. Stay relevant with topical posts. Convey a social message by telling an enriching, poignant story. Establish a brand voice that others would want to imitate and follow.

Remember, it’s always only a story until it becomes an epic. To boost your sales, you must first lay the foundation of growth in terms of connecting with your kind.

  1. Build a modern, interactive Website

A business website is its headquarters on the world wide web. If it isn’t easy to find, you lose customers. If it isn’t organized, you lose customers. If it isn’t appealing, you lose customers. If it isn’t mobile-friendly, you definitely lose customers. If it doesn’t talk, forget customers talking back to you!

What’s more? Your website is also where your customer lands on clicking one of the paid ad campaigns you started on social media. That further establishes just how crucial your website is to your entire digital marketing strategy and to the sales in the end! So, design it as you would design your house. Make it home by matching your customer’s preferences. Add a heat-mapping software to understand a visitor’s behavior on your website, then based on that data develop it to offer a better user experience. Add a chatbot to make navigation through it easier.

Remember, your business website constantly needs redoing to cater to diverse needs and trends. Put an expert on it to fetch the best results.

  1. Write a Blog

Blogs aren’t new, but they have a major role to play in the online marketing game today – and that makes them a quintessential tactic.

From stories about your business to tips on using a product, your blog shares a lot of information with your visitor that he finds valuable on a number of levels. This creates a connection deeper than you can imagine, and that converts this visitor to customer – a lead to sales.

Remember, maintaining a blog is also an excuse you give the visitors to keep coming back for things they otherwise would find elsewhere if yours isn’t an easy-to-ready, infographic, compelling piece in general. Try to keep it so.

  1. Invest in Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

SEO and SEM are a different ball game, one that you can’t refuse to play if you’re to get down to the nitty-gritty of digital marketing – and win it too!

This ball game entirely relies on keywords, which help your business to appear on the top of search engine results. A strong SEO/SEM strategy in place optimizes these magic words and phrases and associates them with your product, thereby increasing its chance to be found first in the web of infinite data.

Remember, without SEO and keyword optimization, your website could get lost in the deep dark ocean called the Internet. However, keyword research, analysis, and targeting, this three-step process drives your business target from the search engine results to your page, where there is a great chance you can convert that lead.

  1. Go for E-mail Marketing

By e-mail marketing don’t just assume the obvious. There is a complete email marketing strategy you need to think about to ensure your customers aren’t putting your email campaigns on the spam list.

Remember, to boost your sales via emails, you need to understand the specific needs of the business target and then develop personalized content catering to that. This understanding can only come from studying his patterns and habits on your website, social media handles, etc. Consider making email lists to write special content covering each topic on them. Having a strong call-to-action (CTA) message can also turn a lead into sales.

  1. Gain with Influencer Marketing

Perhaps the easiest way to boost your sales is to get an influencer to sell it for you, or at least make that great sales pitch. Depending on your budget, you can choose to partner with anyone from a small/local influencer to a celebrity.

But remember to team up with the right one as there are different influencers on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. The key is to know which platform would make a difference and then connect with the influencer of your choice.

  1. Do Paid Ads

From building awareness to attracting customers to the landing page to getting more followers, paid ads are just the thing you need to get back into business with a specific target and timeframe in mind.

But whether you choose to do it on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, remember to get the experts on board. Without them, targeting might go wrong and there will be no leads to turn into sales. Besides, you will lose a chunk of money to these costly platforms.

  1. Announce Contests and Giveaways

It doesn’t have to be the festival season to announce contests and giveaways. People love to participate anytime they are promised attractive prizes, a discounted or free product or service. Besides, this helps in business promotion.

Remember, for such campaigns to work they must be engaging and wholesome. Once there, gaining customers is like a piece of cake.

  1. Develop Video Content

Nothing engages a viewer better than a video. In fact, you take digital marketing to a whole new level by incorporating videos in your website, making reels on Instagram, and creating a YouTube channel, or video ads.

One of the most valuable content forms, video drives more traffic, increases engagement, and gives a major boost to sales along the way. For every video is an opportunity, remember to tell a gripping story through each.

10. Create a Google Business Page

You know your customer swears by Google. So, don’t miss Google My Business!

It’s a free business listing that helps you put your business on Google Maps and among the top in the Google Search Engine. It collects information like Hours, Address, and Phone, and displays it right below your business along with Google Reviews, which you can request your customers to take during their spare time.

Remember, Google Reviews are also significant to SEO. That makes Google Business Page a must-have to build credibility and earn many potential customers.

11. Try Affiliate Marketing

If you’re a home business and do your own digital marketing, try as well the many affiliate programs available out there. Most of them are free to join and don’t require you to stock products other than the one that already exists.

Remember, depending on your referral and marketing methods, affiliate marketing comes with a passive income opportunity but gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime.

12. Go Live

Interact in real-time, promote your product, build influence, and inspire followers to become customers. A lot can happen over a live chat on Facebook or Instagram!

As this engagement is live, remember to keep it so. Lively, true to the values of your business, and all the same, spontaneous.

13. Set up a WhatsApp Business Account

This social messaging app is popular among all age groups with people mostly using it to avoid emails and phone calls. With WhatsApp Business Account, small businesses have now the quickest way to turn leads into sales.

Simplifying the shopping experience, this option lets the customer place the order directly on WhatsApp and interact with a real person. But do remember to keep this interaction always professional but personalized and credible.

14. Publish Online Press Releases

Remember to write online press releases to get your business formal exposure on newspapers, blogs, and other e-media sources. This helps in building credibility and increasing sales eventually.

15. Organize Online Events

A well-campaigned online event is a great way to strengthen the customer relationship, build a new one, and thus grow your business.

Remember to send invites and reminders, and don’t forget to promote the event on every platform to ensure a large attendance.

Take the lead with a Digital Partner

The bottom line with all the brilliant marketing ideas above is that you got to keep trying even if something doesn’t work as you expected. Remember, digital marketing, like any other form of advertising, takes time to give results. It’s possible that some idea works better for you than others. In such a case, focusing on what works and making the most of it would be key to your business. But to determine what those factors are, you need a Digital Partner like Langoor Digital Pvt. Ltd.

Get in touch so together we can churn out efficient digital marketing strategies that will help boost your sales in no time.