How we pushed up 'Lead Conversion Rate' at Langoor by 35%

May 13, 2023

One of the challenges we faced in the beginning of the year 2016 was a big drop in quantity and quality of inbound leads which were generated at Langoor. This is a seasonal behaviour where business leads dry out during Dec-Jan due to the holiday season setting in. We decided to run some interesting experiments to see if we can improve our conversion rates for leads during this lean phase of the year.Quantity of people visitingHaving already pinned down the ‘Digital Agency’ keyword on Google Local as well as organic listing, we knew that the quantity of people visiting our website is a function of market demand. It had dipped due to seasonality so we decided to improve the number of leads by focusing on improving conversions. The aim was to get the same number of leads with lesser number of visitors to the Langoor website.

Langoor Digital Agency

Improve Conversions - Exit Intent Popups!We knew about exit intent popups helping companies to improve signups to their email newsletters. However, we wanted to figure out if the same can be used to improve conversions for getting leads from our website.We selected the exit-intent popup wordpress plugin service called 'Pop-Up-Ally Pro' which allows us to show exit intent popup to people who have browsed our website and wish to leave the website. The plugin detects that you would like to exit the website by detecting closure of tabs by the user or by navigating to another website by addressing the bar. Normally these pop-ups are used to get email signups, but we wanted to get leads from them instead.So we configured the exit intent popup with a message which normally is not seen on any website. We decided to show the photograph of our 'Head of Digital & Web Strategy’ Vijay Shenoy , with his phone number. It is not common for a brand to allow you to contact a senior person in the team when a prospective customer visits a website. Due to this surprise element & also the credibility element of seeing the person's picture along with his phone number, most of the clients ended up reaching out to call Vijay. About 30% of them ended up leaving their email id and name which would then be followed up by the business development team.

Vijay Shenoy

We constructed the plugin to show this popup only once by setting a cookie. Thus, people will see this message only for the first time and it does not serve as a nuisance value to people who keep visiting our websites.Results Achieved The results which we achieved showed a dramatic improvement in conversion rate of website visits to leads and also improved the quality of visits by a mile as we started to receive calls directly from decision makers to Vijay. Based on this we were able to push the lead conversion ratio from 1.96 % to 2.75% from unique visits to leads. The point to be noted is most of the visits that happen to our website are from prospective employees hence the conversion number ratio is a bit skewed due to which conversion ratio is much lower than what it is really. But we did see a 35% improvement in conversion rate from overall unique visits to leads. But the main take away is that there was also a big jump in the quality of leads which we managed to get.This article was originally written by Avinash MB, Head - Digital Marketing, Langoor