Talking The Walk

Single Customer View

Current customers require a more personal, timely and relevant mode of communication with brands. It is difficult to create any marketing strategy according to the specific likes of the customer without having any prior knowledge about the customer or how they interact with the brand. This problem can be fixed by implementing a ‘Single Customer … Continued

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Is Podcast Advertising Worth It?

iPod + Broadcast = Podcast. For those who are familiar with podcasts, this complex mathematical equation will be very familiar to you. In theory, this is completely correct, but in practicality, podcasts have come a long way from just being another radio channel build for the everyday Apple device. Podcasts are an On-Demand platform that … Continued

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The People-To-People Connect

A few things have happened thanks to the internet and social media–we know more, we communicate more and we are more global in our views. With news and happenings that happen in one part of the world zipping through, above, and under planet Earth with the speed of light to the rest of it, everyone … Continued

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Thinking TV ad ? Start online !

Gone are the days when TV commercials ruled advertising. Creating a TV commercial was considered a prestigious assignment for any creative. The madness behind the planning, site visits, talent auditions, pre-production lunch meetings, post-production parties, and at the end of it all the joy of watching your efforts on TV, just for that 30 second … Continued

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Marketing Basics for Emerging and Young Businesses

Last week, I presented to a group of emerging business owners in Dubai. The group is going through an ‘Accelerator’ program where the goal is to cross $1Mn in revenue for their respective businesses. I presented on the topic of Marketing Basics or Marketing 101, focused on helping them with the fundamentals of marketing. Although … Continued

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