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What's happening at Langoor

From the BlogA developer who spends a large part of his day on the Chrome knows the importance of saving time by...
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FacebookHere's to our in-house joker/superman wannabe- Sattu! In this jungle, it's the survival of the fattest! :P Congrats on the 2 years! We hope you have many more :)
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FacebookBabyface turns 2! :) Here's to many many more! Congrats Akshay! #Langoor #Langoorified #turning2
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FacebookLet's play a game Langoors! Let's try to come up with the most innovative and interesting Langoor hashtags! Here's a start- #Langoorisms
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FacebookA huge shout out to all DESIGNERS! Langoor is holding an open drive tomorrow (5th July) at our Bangalore office. We're looking out for: 1. Junior Art Directors with 1-2 yrs of work experience. 2. Senior Art Directors with 3-4 yrs of work experience. Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Salary: As per industry...
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FacebookWhat if the product you need to sell is an 'Insect Spray'? See how creative you can get with designing a website that communicates the brand perfectly! Clear and simple:
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FacebookFrom 0 To $1 Billion in two years! Instagram’s rose-tinted ride to glory is an inspiration to startups around the world. This info-graphic sums it up: How two Guys made a Billion Dollar App in 8 weeks. #MondayInspirations
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FacebookHere's to the shy guy- Tej! Wishing you many more wonderful years at Langoor!
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FacebookPost-lunch slumbers are the worst, particularly when you’re in office (at Langoor we conveniently blame our in-house cook, because he sure cooks one hell of a lunch!). The easiest thing to do is to stare at your laptop and sleep with your eyes open. So we decided to brighten up...
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FacebookContent marketing is a tough task but here's the art and science of it, to help you stay on top of things. Always! *Download image to read in detail. #contentwriting #content #digitalmarketing #artvscience
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FacebookContinuing our takeaways from Deepa Bachu's session two weeks ago, here are two more insights she shared with us: 2) Learn to love the problem (this was one of those ah-ha moments for the entire team!). We all get so caught up in problem-solving and loving our solutions, we don’t take...
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FacebookFeel that you can attract the crowd with the simple words you weave? If you nodded, we would love to hear from you. We are hiring copywriters with 0-2 yrs experience. If interested please send in your resumes to or visit and apply online.
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FacebookAn Expert Guide to Idea Curation: How to Get More Ideas for Great Content! A wonderful read to kick start the week:
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FacebookYou will be blown away when you see what these 'sculptures' are made of :-) When a piece of art is this unique and creative, you know it is any designer's inspiration! #Friday #DesignInspirtations
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FacebookTwo weeks ago, Deepa Bachu, the Product Management and Experience Design Leader from Intuit, spoke to the leadership team at Langoor. Over the next few days, we'll share some of the key takeaways from her session. 1) Don’t rely solely on surveys. Surveys never give you the full picture because...
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From the BlogI came across this moving article a few months ago: For Hire: Dedicated Young Man with Down Syndrome. If...
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FacebookFacebook, Pinterest or Twitter: know where your customers really hang out! #knowyourcustomer #demographics Image source:
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FacebookLangoor's designer shows off her creativity with her unique 'bus-ticket' art work @ her desk :-) #JustAFunFriday
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FacebookRemember 'Scraps', 'Testimonials' and 'Who visited your profile'? Yes, these will be things of the past now, for good! Google has decided to shut down #Orkut - the first social networking site for most of our generation, which was launched nearly 10 years ago. The network will be shut down on...
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