We partnered with Epson to build the category of economical and eco-friendly printers, attain go-to-market fit, and accelerate towards market dominance, through an all-inclusive digital transformation strategy that resided at the intersection of technology, creativity, data and insights.

Challenge Category Creation & Go-To-Market Strategy

Category creation through product-led GTM strategy

Epson wanted to rebrand and reposition their existing InkTank portfolio as ‘EcoTank’ by highlighting the two key features of the InkTank system – Eco-friendly + Economical. This was also an exercise at category creation since there were no printers in the market that were synonymous with these twin features.

We kickstarted the product-led GTM campaign by employing Epson’s social media channels as a key platform to help increase stickiness of the new name and brand recall. Once the name gained popularity on social media, an integrated digital campaign revolving around a brand film was launched. This accelerated the awareness and benefits of its Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS).

We followed this up with the launch of two new integrated EcoTank printers – L3110 and L3150 that successfully replaced their flagship models L380 and L405 respectively.

InkTank printers had always been synonymous with the brand Epson. Through this integrated digital campaign, we were able to change the dynamics of the printing category by offering the lowest cost per print in the market. And offered a newalternative to laser and cartridge printers in terms of lowering the overall cost of ownership, savings in energy consumption and reduced impact on the environment.

Today, the tag of eco-friendly + economical is carried in every Epson inkjet printer via the EcoTank sub-branding. And is a reflection of the core economic and environmental value that is at the heart of everything that Epson stands for.

Brand awareness of proprietary technology

Epson and National Geographic came together to raise awareness around how conserving heat is a great way to minimize our impact on the environment.

We helped Epson promote this partnership through the creation of a heat-free content hub. This was supported by a 360 degree digital campaign titled ‘Turn Down The Heat’ that encouraged consumers and businesses to Turn Down the Heat in the Fight against Climate Change. And made a detailed case for why switching to their proprietary heat-free technology and being intentional about every page one prints, can make a difference in overcoming global warming.

This also allowed us to reinforce why Epson is a global technology leader dedicated to co-creating sustainability and enriching communities by leveraging its efficient, compact, and precision technologies and digital technologies to connect people, things, and information.

The heat-free content hub (consisting of well-curated hero content assets) also helped showcase how Epson’s pioneering range of printers with Heat-Free Technology reduce environmental impact by using low energy and few replacement parts. And helped increase brand salience for their entire product portfolio – by demonstrating how Epson is focused on solving societal issues through innovations in home and office printing, commercial and industrial printing, manufacturing, visual, and lifestyle.

Demand stimulation and marketing to SMEs

In a market dominated by laser printers, the Epson M-series Monochrome EcoTank Printers have been a winning choice for corporates, SMEs / SMBs, educational orgs, healthcare institutions, retail outlets, and other small- to medium-sized business establishments.

The difficulty in marketing to SMEs lies with finding the right way to talk to an audience that is hugely fragmented and diverse. A one-size-fits-all approach also does not work since the brand communication hooks that would appeal to a 10-people org is different from the messaging that would land well with a 100-people org.

Through a 360-degree digital marketing campaign (search + social + programmatic), we highlighted why the M-series range of monochrome inkjet printers are a right fit for SMBs / SMEs who primarily print black and white documents and who demand the lowest running costs possible along with crisp print quality.