Screens, Screens, Screens

In the last few months, Virtual Reality (VR) headsets have flooded the market. We have already seen a preview of Augmented Reality (AR) wearables including Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass. Through 3D cameras, VR games and Smart-homes people are finally getting a taste of the Internet of Things (IoT) promise. The IoT or non-conventional Internet … Continued

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There Are Smart People Outside the United States

Working in an advertising agency with offices across Asia and Australia, we work with a number of multinational companies (MNCs). These multinationals have really strong office networks across the regions and believe ‘Asia’ will bring their future growth. ‘The pivot to … Asia’, in Obama’s words, is a real conversation being had in MNC Board … Continued

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What’s In A Name?

‘Brexit’ is one of those genius pieces of branding that often gets overlooked in political campaigns. I wonder how much impact the name had on the outcome of the vote. Once the term was coined, all of the news media in the UK and the world start imaging what the world will be like in … Continued

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Here’s What Is In Store for Digital Marketing in India?

In 2015, India recorded a growing number of 277.4 million internet users. This figure is expected to grow to 411.1 million internet users in 2018. Most of these new users of the Internet span a range of towns, villages, mostly with phones and some across other devices. The historic reach that was largely possible through … Continued

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Ten Tricks Startups Could Use To Master Digital Marketing

Starting your own business can be thrilling experience for any start-up. When starting out, it is very important to know how to market your product and digital media is one of the most cost effective ways to market your startup. One should know how to determine strategies, tactics and use social media as a marketing … Continued

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