Starting an office in Bangalore, India

I often find myself talking to different decision makers about starting an office in India. I also see this question online sometimes such as at Quora and Silicon Beach. I have had great fun building an office here in Bangalore as an outsider for the greater part of the last two years so I thought … Continued

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Designing for Screens and Not Devices

If you are concerned about having a mobile version of your website interface, the first thing that comes to mind is having a Mobile App. Then comes the question of choosing relevant devices and you realize that it is next to impossible for you to create applications for all of them. So we decide we’ll … Continued

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Over communicate

When we started our first India office a little less than two years ago (Nov 2010), the idea of managing two offices was an unknown. Quick background – we only had an office in Sydney before we started our Bangalore office. Truth be told, it was actually harder than I thought to start an office … Continued

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