What we do: Data & Intelligence

How intelligent is your business? Is the information you're providing across the digital space reaching the right people and having the desired effect? This is where Data & Intelligence plays an important role in optimising your business' performance. At Langoor, our experts ensure that you're always top-of-mind by providing the right insights and creating strategies that pave the way to success.

Data and Intelligence Strategy

The first step in leveraging data is understanding what we have available. Identifying the right input and tools is the first step in cultivating a data and intelligence strategy for an organisation. By assessing the data and organisation readiness, we craft the way forward to having a data and intelligence strategy.

Data Mining & Analytics

We can use your data, mine it and put it into contextual perspective. Asking the right questions and then extracting information leads to better revenues, accelerated growth and most importantly, happier customers. Better insights are core to delivering a great experience for your customers.

Single Customer View

Single Customer View is a powerful tool for any business seeking to engage customers on a digital platform and retain durable relationships with them. The data collected from various marketing channels can help an organisation analyze their target market's behaviors, their relationship with the organisation and can respond to them appropriately. It is a key stepping stone for businesses entering the realm of digital marketing; without it, companies can alienate their users with uncoordinated and disjointed advertising.

Artificial Intelligence Modelling

We evaluate the opportunities to create "intelligence" out of data and automate decision making opportunities. More importantly we partner with our customers to build up their own capability that can offer sustained improvements in their marketing data.