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I took part in a consultative workshop for a Civil Society – National Centre for Excellence in Australia a few weeks ago. A point that came up during the discussion was that there isn’t anywhere on the Internet where people can find a way to collate/read/share interesting work taking place in this sector.

Based on that and having seen another model work in the technology space, I thought why not setup a community led and driven website for the Civil Society.

As a result I worked with my team in Langoor to create:

The idea is that if you are interested in this sector, this becomes your home page, your lunch time reading place for you to read and share interesting articles in this space. If you choose to subscribe, you can also do that and receive a daily newsletter with the top 5 stories.

I am sharing this after having received some positive feedback. However for this to be truly community led it will need you to contribute as much as read. There is also the ability to leave your thoughtful comments on each of the posts.

I hope this helps the sector share and learn from each other but of course that will not happen without your ongoing contribution at Civil Society News.

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