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How does web design impact content marketing in 2022?

The internet has democratized marketing, putting multinational corporations and mom and pop shops on equal footing. In the age of digital marketing, it’s important to keep your tool belt heavy with emerging strategies and techniques. Competition can be cut-throat, but effectively using the tools at your disposal can make your business stand out from the … Continued

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Single Customer View

Current customers require a more personal, timely and relevant mode of communication with brands. It is difficult to create any marketing strategy according to the specific likes of the customer without having any prior knowledge about the customer or how they interact with the brand. This problem can be fixed by implementing a ‘Single Customer … Continued

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Is Podcast Advertising Worth It?

iPod + Broadcast = Podcast. For those who are familiar with podcasts, this complex mathematical equation will be very familiar to you. In theory, this is completely correct, but in practicality, podcasts have come a long way from just being another radio channel build for the everyday Apple device. Podcasts are an On-Demand platform that … Continued

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