Putting Your Organisation Above the Rest

May 13, 2023

A brand is the portrayal of a company. In many cases it can act as a first impression to potential customers. How a brand is perceived is integral to its success of your organisation.Brand identity is the means through which a brand is portrayed. A brand identity seamlessly unifies all elements of an organisation under one umbrella and accounts for the consumers' experience with your company. Effective brand identity sets you apart from your competitors. This can be achieved through close consideration of the following 9 factors.VISIONYour company vision can be first established by where and how you see it developing in the future. Will your products, services or values change? A passionate leader who shares their dreams and challenges gives a kickoff to a company's direction to the future. A thorough understanding of your company's brand is integral to the foundation of its identity.MEANINGWhat does your organisation stand for? What are you trying to say to your customers? A strong brand clearly communicates the company's value and vision. Symbols and icons are the fastest form of visual communication. Good examples of these are the Nike tick, Apple Inc and Mcdonalds.AUTHENTICITYEvery company is unique. Your company's history, vision, personality and values should be well communicated when creating your brand identity. Strengthening a company's unique qualities assists in setting you apart from the competition.For instance, the authentic brand identity for Coke has been strengthened through creative, simple and bold design across a wide range of applications. Designs portray the confidence the company has in their unique identity.DIFFERENTIATIONWhat sets you apart from your competitors? Why should a consumer choose your brand over another? Communicating your company's authenticity through branding helps consumers understand the difference of your brand.DURABILITYDurability of a company refers to its ability to sustain a marketing strategy over time. Timeless branding allows consumers to become familiar with your brand and strengthens your place amongst competitors.COHERENCEConsidering your company's central idea when creating a brand identity assists in creating a coherent brand. All applications of the brand communicating one core value achieves unity and reinforces the consumer's familiarity.FLEXIBILITYIn relation to your branding strategy, how is your company going to be portrayed?What is the company's vision for the future? In five years time, you might be extending the company to offer additional services. Simplicity can help achieve flexibility to a brand identity.COMMITMENTA brand needs to be protected, preserved and nurtured. After discovering your brand identity, it is important to ensure you have control over your brand name, trademarks, system and standards. Ensure continuous movement and adherence to the company's central idea to keep for a timeless and growing identity.VALUEBuilding awareness, increasing recognition and the portrayal of your company's uniqueness creates measurable results.Making your brand stand out above competitors is first about knowing who you are. What does your brand ultimately stand for? In communicating this in a simple and direct approach, the brand identity of your company can ultimately lead to its success.Source:

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