Author: Venugopal Ganganna

The People-To-People Connect

A few things have happened thanks to the internet and social media–we know more, we communicate more and we are more global in our views. With news and happenings that happen in one part of the world zipping through, above, and under planet Earth with the speed of light to the rest of it, everyone … Continued

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Time travel from tech to creative

Closing in on 40, leaving behind a successful a 18-year career in building products and technology, where I managed businesses worth millions, an engineer by thought and practice; well I have no business doing what I do today! Or do I? When I first ventured into the agency world, I thought, “How hard can this … Continued

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Introducing Unit Marketing

Langoor has grown from about 40 people technology startup to around 200 people global agency in the last three years. That growth has primarily been tied to our focus on outcomes for our clients. In the last 12 months however, we have found ourselves driving our conversation to focusing on an unique ways to help … Continued

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