Why Marketing Automation Is The Backbone Of Personalised Digital Marketing

It is, first and foremost, a revenue driver that helps build a strong customer base of champion advocates who can deliver outsized and industry-best customer LTVs for the business

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10 Digital Marketing Trends, Technology and Tactics you must know

Professionals who seek a career in digital marketing need to constantly keep up with the latest trends in the business. With the rate of change increasing year after year and the scope of digital marketing expanding, every digital marketer needs to invest a lot of time and effort to upskill their knowledge and learn on … Continued

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Langoor & Havas Group India decide to part ways

Langoor will continue to help today’s multipurpose marketers challenge the conventional boundaries of digital marketing through their three focus areas of Enterprise Experience (EX), Consumer Experience (CX), Web 3.0 Experience (WX).

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