Virtual, Augmented Reality in Multi-Screen World – Langoor

In the last few months, Virtual reality (VR) headsets have flooded the market. We have already seen a preview of augmented reality (AR) wearables including Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass. Through 3D cameras, VR games and Smart-homes people are finally getting a taste of the Internet of Things (IoT) promise. The IoT or non-conventional Internet … Continued

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Thinking TV ad ? Start online !

Gone are the days when TV commercials ruled advertising. Creating a TV commercial was considered a prestigious assignment for any creative. The madness behind the planning, site visits, talent auditions, pre-production lunch meetings, post-production parties, and at the end of it all the joy of watching your efforts on TV, just for that 30 second … Continued

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How innovations in Social Media helps to build brand

Digital savvy consumers at all levels use some form of social media today. While the accessibility to connect with customers is of no concern, the real challenge for a brand is to stand out with some form of unique content and grab eyeballs. From my perspective there are two aspects of innovation on social media … Continued

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Marketing Basics for Emerging and Young Businesses

Last week, I presented to a group of emerging business owners in Dubai. The group is going through an ‘Accelerator’ program where the goal is to cross $1Mn in revenue for their respective businesses. I presented on the topic of Marketing Basics or Marketing 101, focused on helping them with the fundamentals of marketing. Although … Continued

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Remove the word ‘Promoter’ from corporate dictionary

At the University of Sydney, I had the privilege of serving as the President of the University of Sydney Union (USU). USU was a AUD 21 Million revenue grossing organisation at the time, in-charge of most of the retail and student experiences on campus. As President, I was Chair of the Board of Directors primarily … Continued

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