How To Nurture An Army Of #Superfans, The True Brand Influencers

The rapidly evolving digital marketing space has seen birth and death of many tactical strategies. Some strategies on the other hand just evolve with time, becoming an upgraded armour for the marketer to unleash when situation demands. It doesn’t matter whether you are offering is a product or a service. For your offering to stay … Continued

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Branding Through Community Building Beyond Social Media

Brands have always weaved their marketing and communication strategy around consumer behavior. So it was never an option for brands not to try and build strong social media presence. As per statistics available there are 3 billion active Internet users of which of which Nearly 2.1 billion people have social media accounts. The game seemed … Continued

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Board & Governance Basics for Companies and Not for Profits

People often ask me about Langoor’s Board of Advisors or approach me to be on their Board. In this presentation I lay out the basics of a Board of Directors, Board of Advisors and Statutory Boards. There is a small Australian compliance flavour to it, but generally it is applicable for Boards and good governance … Continued

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