Online Payments in India, an Opportunity in Waiting!

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<p>I recently came face to face with some realities of India as a market. Having started an R&amp;D hub of our business in India, a large part of our India business looks at online software-as-a-service (SAAS) products. Part of this process was to look at setting up online payment options for our products.</p>

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How to setup 301 redirects using .htaccess


We recently launched a website for a client. The website was a redesign of an existing website. The previous website had some hardcoded links, therefore after the launch there was a requirement to setup 301 redirects for hardcoded links on the old website to new links on the new website.

After banging my head around for some time, I couldn’t get the redirects working so if you are stuck doing what I wanted to do and if your requirements are similar to mine, read on.

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