Continuous Integration and Deployment

It has been more than 2 months since I have entered a new phase of my life and as a different species, at that(since I am into monkey business!).

Even before joining Langoor I knew that I will have to face many challenges here but I always knew that the amount of knowledge I will be able to grab here will be invaluable in terms of my growth as an individual and a professional.

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The concept of website builder is nothing new. It has been floating around for years. I have myself been thinking about it for a long time now (2-3 years now, ever since I built my first website). Simply put, is exactly what I have been thinking about- a ready-made website builder with built in themes and features store.

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Delivering a Website in 4 Days Flat

It’s often perceived that the web design and development process is drawn out and arduous. This can often be the case with some web services agencies taking months to deliver the final product. But where does it all go wrong? Is it a miscommunication between the client and the agency, or perhaps a misunderstanding of the deliverables? Often it’s a combination of these issues mixed with a variety of other complications which can sometimes lead to the project missing important deadlines.

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Google+ has massive potential

<p>I have been using Google+ for a few weeks now, and I can see it has massive potential from various perspectives (over Facebook and other tools):</p>
<p>* The overall interaction model is cleaner, simpler and easier to use. It does help that I don’t need to go looking for my friends as Google+ makes suggestions based on my address book.</p>
<p style="padding: 0px; margin: 0px 0px 1.5385em;">* Easier to filter out the noise (not from a person, but from a whole circle)</p>

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8 weeks at a startup

So it’s been 8 weeks since my new and exciting job at Langoor Digital [yes yes, let’s get over the monkey jokes now.. after all, we are into monkey business!].

I just wanted to capture some salient points on what I’ve learnt in this time here, as well as reminisce on the months past (2 to be precise):

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The Cloud – What?

Written for, an Indian blog about business in India.

I have always been a big believer that ‘the cloud’ is marketing lingo. I can understand how ‘cloud computing’ is an exciting new phenomena but certainly not ‘the cloud’. Even ‘cloud computing’ is not that new. However, how you do business using the benefits on offer today in the hosting world matters.

Let me explain.

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Games – a big problem or smart business strategy?

<p><b>Written for <a href="" target="_blank"></a>, an Indian blog about business in India.</b></p>
<p>If you have been keeping your ears on the proverbial “tech” ground, you will know about the “gamification” buzzword. It means incorporating what we know about games into businesses, user experience and consumer design.</p>
<p>Let me explain.</p>

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Online Payments in India, an Opportunity in Waiting!

<p><strong>Written for <a href=""></a>, an Indian blog about business in India.</strong></p>
<p>I recently came face to face with some realities of India as a market. Having started an R&amp;D hub of our business in India, a large part of our India business looks at online software-as-a-service (SAAS) products. Part of this process was to look at setting up online payment options for our products.</p>

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How to setup 301 redirects using .htaccess


We recently launched a website for a client. The website was a redesign of an existing website. The previous website had some hardcoded links, therefore after the launch there was a requirement to setup 301 redirects for hardcoded links on the old website to new links on the new website.

After banging my head around for some time, I couldn’t get the redirects working so if you are stuck doing what I wanted to do and if your requirements are similar to mine, read on.

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Web 3.0: Where Content is a Commodity

Written for Thinking Aloud, an Indian publication about all thinks digital and mobile.

I once had the pleasure to be in a lecture with Vint Cerf at the podium in Sydney. He was fascinating with his observations and predictions about the Internet. But there was one comment that stuck with me: the Internet was created as a place without borders and this was deliberate.

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