How to Create an Effective Illustration in Photoshop

(Intermediate to advanced users)
Want to add a little zing to your illustration? I find what really makes a drawn image dynamic is use of line, texture and light.

In following this tutorial, I can show you how to utilize all three to make your illustration really pop!

I'll be using one of the latest Langoor backgrounds as an example.

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Why @Optus has its Online Engagement right?

For those of you who read yesterday's piece <a href="" target="_blank">"Brands loosen grip on social media" in the Sydney Morning Herald</a>, you would have read about the debate on who should control an organisation's social media message – the organisation itself or an agency who you can outsource to.

Organisations who are unsure about how they should engage people online need to know this: social media, like a lot of other media is simply a means of communication. It may be the most powerful given the one-to-one nature, but it is certainly not the easy one-hit-wonder-marketing messiah that it is made out to be.

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Public Relations and Search Engine Optimisation

Years ago, if you asked an SEO expert for advice on how to move your website up the Google ranks, they would probably stuff your site with keywords in the keyword and description meta tags, build a repertoire of inbound links from spammy sites and advise you on content changes that make your website look like a <a href="">word cloud</a> than anything remotely informative.

Obviously, no one would do that now (one might hope), but it was the most prominently understood way in which SEO worked and perhaps those origins are why it is misunderstood today.

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