AlterNet – Altering your view of the Internet

Around November last year, we started working with an aged care services and products company. Geared specifically towards the elderly, they wanted us to build a product that focuses on an incredibly simple user experience and helps users keep in touch with their loved ones. We needed to build Hardware and Software and connect this...

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“There Is A Very Fine Line Of Separation Between The Use & Abuse Of Social Media”

Gone are the days when we had to wait for the newspaper to be delivered to our homes to know the latest happenings around us. If the advent of multiple news channels changed the way news was consumed, social media took it to an all-new level. It changed the paradigms of communication all together. In...

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The digital agency landscape in 2014

Advertising agencies have always been about ideas. However, the evolution of digital in the past decade has made it all about the outcomes. 2014 in my view will see a bridge of ideas and how they lead to outcomes. This means digital agencies will talk about the brand and experiences, and your traditional agencies will...

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Hummingbird Update – Win-Win for original content

Hummingbird search algorithm is the new buzzword in the online world. Multiple explanations are floating around the web regarding Google’s Hummingbird. Every niche is using the ‘wait and watch’ policy on how they will be affected by this update. Let’s better understand what this buzz is all about. What is a Search Algorithm? Google uses...

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Web design trends going into 2014

I prepared an internal presentation for our Langoor team to discuss some of the web design trends to watch out for next year. These are trends I have noticed going into 2014. We thought it would be useful to share it here. paper writers Unfortunately it doesn’t come with any explanation but if you have...

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