What is App Store Optimization – ASO?

Mobile App Store Optimization (ASO) – A decade ago, mobile apps were nearly nonexistent and there was no such thing as an app store. But all that changed when smartphones came into being. The first app store was started by Apple for its iOS platform in July 2008 which was soon followed by Google’s app...

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Exemplify Culture: Thy People Maketh You

  Roughly 8 out of every 10 companies shut down within 3 years of starting out. How do the remaining two manage to strive where the others fail? What differentiates a successful start-up from a struggling one? We may argue it’s their products, services, agenda, funding, market strategy or talented employees. You may also say...

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Google to Replace URLs with Site Names on Mobile Search Results

The URLs which are well structured provide the users with quick hints about the topic of the page together with how the page would fit within the website. For helping the mobile searchers in understanding your website better when Google displays it in the results of searches via mobiles, Google is, today, going to upgrade...

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Google Mobile Friendly Update is Coming on April 21st

  Google makes changes to its search algorithm on a regular basis, so the fact that they are making two big changes to their search algorithm is not surprising. However, in most cases Google doesn’t bother to announce prior to making the changes, so it is surprising that they gave prior notice before rolling out...

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Importance of Content in Digital Strategy

  Zero Moment of Truth – It is Still Your message. This is the age of instant gratification, with attention spans of human beings even lesser than a goldfish! This is also the age of information overload – in this digital age just on social media, an average user is bombarded with 285 messages a...

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