Customer community: the new marketing tool for brands

The annals of marketing have always celebrated the brand as the hero. Building aspirational levels and making the audience follow a brand. In this ‘smart era’ more and more products and services are focusing on the user and thereby building their credibility and value. The once popular saying in consumerism ‘Customer is King’ is proving...

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Effective internal communications – Part 2

Last week, we saw why internal communications are important from an employee’s perspective, and the challenges faced by an organization. In the second part of this series, we explore the second challenge – Will internal communications satisfy the need and intent?   Use the below to further weave in a communication strategy to your ideas:...

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Awards. An addiction of sorts

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “addiction”? Love? Sex? Drugs? Alcohol? Cigarettes? Potato chips? Television? The sympathetic voice that says “the poor old soul” or is it the more impassive “what was he thinking?” Addiction courts many things, and all of them are mostly negative. But, not every addiction gets you...

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Effective internal communications

Any growing organization is bound to face employee goal alignment problems, especially in the IT industry, as communication is mostly not face-to-face. The success of an organisation depends on making sure all the brains under the umbrella are working with a similar understanding, approach, belief, knowledge and strengths. Most corporate companies forget that an effective...

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Enhancing marketing using Technology

Technology is magnificent, magical, terrifying, brilliant, omnipresent, and an endless miracle that has changed all our lives. Over the years, it has revolutionised all aspects of our life. And this revolution happens in ruthlessly short timespans.     Technology has made everything instantaneous. Thanks to the explosion of blogs, everyone is suddenly a creative writer....

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