Enhancing marketing using Technology

Technology is magnificent, magical, terrifying, brilliant, omnipresent, and an endless miracle that has changed all our lives. Over the years, it has revolutionised all aspects of our life. And this revolution happens in ruthlessly short timespans.     Technology has made everything instantaneous. Thanks to the explosion of blogs, everyone is suddenly a creative writer....

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Civil Society News

I took part in a consultative workshop for a Civil Society – National Centre for Excellence in Australia a few weeks ago. A point that came up during the discussion was that there isn’t anywhere on the Internet where people can find a way to collate/read/share interesting work taking place in this sector. Based on...

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9 Awesome Chrome Plugins That Every Developer Must Use

A developer who spends a large part of his day on Chrome knows the importance of saving time. Chrome has a wealth of plugins for developers that could help you work more efficiently and make your daily job easier. Langoor brings you a great list of plugins that could help developers. BONUS: The last 2...

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Enabled Jobs

I came across this moving article a few months ago: For Hire: Dedicated Young Man with Down Syndrome. If you have some time to read it, please do. If tl;dr — it talks about how hard it is for someone with disability to find a job even if they are capable and amazing at doing various tasks....

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Cheap & free tools to help teams in multiple locations

I came across a couple of people yesterday through a group I am involved with who manage teams across multiple locations. As a result we started discussing various tools that are useful in assisting communication. They found the list below useful, so I thought it was worth sharing it with everyone. IP Phones: Fonality –...

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